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Dr. Oz medical advice full of BS

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United States
12/20/2014 09:37 AM
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Dr. Oz medical advice full of BS
Since it is on TV, most of us here automatically assume bullshit.

[link to www.washingtonpost.com]

Mehmed (modern Turkish: Mehmet) is the most common Turkish form of the Arabic name Muhammad (Muhammed and Muhammet are also used, though considerably less) and gains its significance from being the name of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. From Wikipedia.

Oz, an Australian. From any dictionary.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that waits at the end of the Yellow Brick Road admits that he himself is a humbag, a fraud that deceives the denizens of the Emerald City.

So in short we have the False Prophet masquerading as a great man of knowledge.

Discuss and expand...
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What shit hole country did you shit hole people crawl out of?
Anonymous Coward
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12/20/2014 09:41 AM
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Re: Dr. Oz medical advice full of BS
He said to clean your ears by putting mineral oil in them and letting the ear wax fall out onto your pillows while you sleep.

Imagine actually doing that crap. Wake up and pillows are stained in oil and your picking your own ear wax out of your teeth.

Yeah, great advice, doc.


User ID: 28167778
United States
12/20/2014 10:01 AM

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Re: Dr. Oz medical advice full of BS
he is from around here, his dad worked at Christiana Hospital as far as I know. had admitting privileges there.

Married to the daughter of another local doc, a cardiologist named Lemole who operated on a family member of mine in the 1980s.

Dr. Lemole was famous for his pre-op vitamin cocktails.

a link that mentions Dr. Lemole:

[link to www.doctoroz.com]

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wherz muh muddahfuckin COVID vaccine?