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Message Subject Keith B. Alexander may be behind SONY hack false-flag
Poster Handle Sol Reflector
Post Content
Why attack a movie studio? You may ask, but SONY is also a FINANCIAL CORPORATION and ranks 104 in the Fortune 200 companies. Besides being a major global corporation they also play a functionary role if your conspiracy wants to demonize North Korea and strike fear into the rest of the Fortune 500 corporations.

Just gurgle SONY Financial wiki......

Alexander is a sick motherfucker and I wouldn't put anything past him. He's already a self-convicted traitor to America for attending the Bilderberg Meetings secretly as a uniformed General in the United States military. It's hard to get more TREASONOUS than that. He's probably the guy that has the blackmail files on John Boehner and Justice Roberts....

To me, it makes a lot more sense than a Kim Jong Un vanity thing.

What say you, GLP conspiratards?
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