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Message Subject JUST IN: Wolfchase Galleria in Memphis is locked down as police investigate ....large group of retards caused a ruckus... no shots fired
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A history of Malls in Memphis in order of construction-

Raleigh Springs Mall - Built in the early 70's, overrun by blacks by the mid-80's. Whites moved east of the city, out of this subburb and left it to the blacks. It's closed now.

Mall of Memphis - Built in the mid 70's, now called "Mall of Murder". By the mid 80's it was starting to be overrun by blacks. Closed by early 1990's due to the high crime rate and gang presence.

Hickory Springs Mall - Built in late 70's, overrun by blacks by mid 90's. Whites moved further east of the city, out of this subburb and left it to the blacks. It's closed now.

Oak Court mall - Built in the mid 80's in East Memphis. All marble inside, attracted very high end shoppers for about 5 years. By late 90's was being overrun by blacks. Most upper middle class whites moved East out of Memphis. At one point there was a gay prostitution ring operating out of the bathooms here. This mall is still open, but white people don't dare go there.

Wolfchase Galleria - Build in early 90's in a subburb east of Memphis, in the county. Overrun by blacks in 5 years. By early 2000's, black crime was rampant here. Still open, but very dangerous, even though it's primarily surrounded by middle class white neighborhoods.

Carriage Crossing - an outdoor mall far east of the city, on the edge of the county. This is in the town of Collierville, where most upper middle whites live. This mall is still nice and safe, but large amounts of blacks are starting to be seen there. Will be overrun by blacks in 5 years or less.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 64654099

This is true, would like to add....Mall of Memphis has been torn down. Hickory Ridge is pretty much empty of stores, Wolfchase Galleria used to be nice, I used to manage a store there.
Dunno about Carriage crossing, don't think I ever went there.
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