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Message Subject What's the craziest, weirdest, strangest, unbelievable thing you ever seen?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I was in Northern Michigan floating in a small boat with one other person on an inland lake. It was about 2am and we were fishing - no alcohol had been consumed.

I looked at my fishing mate and noticed something bright in the sky over his shoulder. He turned the boat sideways so we could both watch the bright light.

The light started to move in a small circle - image a weight on the end of a short string being twirled around. All of a sudden the light started leaving a trail behind it - and the trail kept progressing away from the center light that was still spinning. The trail was getting wider and brighter over time, then started to sparkle like a rainbow.

The white light kept spinning, it kept producing a trail of light that spiraled away and expanded, and the light continued to sparkle in the night sky for over 10 minutes. It was silent, but not surprising because we both felt that it was a very long distance away from out point.

As we continued to watch over time, the bright point of light grew in size and became a roughly rectangular shape - with the trail of light distinctly coming from one end of the rectangle as it spun. As it grew near, it grew in size from a small spec of light to a rectangle about the width of your baby finger when your arm is fully extended.

The rectangle eventually dropped below the tree-line on shore and left our view. My pal (this was before cell phones) decided to head home and call the police to report what he saw. The police had similar reports from others in the area.

The next morning, our local news led with a story about the strange things seen in the sky. Turns out it was a Soviet Gas Tank that was ejected during a launch. As the tank fell back to Earth and experienced growing friction, the tank started to heat up and spin. As it heated, the remaining gas in the tank started to expand and the increasing pressure started to shoot the gas out into space. Once in space at high altitude - the Sun's rays shined on the gas and caused the rainbow sparkling effect. It made perfect sense to me…
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