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Message Subject What's the craziest, weirdest, strangest, unbelievable thing you ever seen?
Poster Handle The Veracity Sector
Post Content
I was walking through the woods of Michigan's UP in the early afternoon - a few hours before sundown. I was alone, but packing. I was a fairly thick woods, with trees that were very old and very tall.

I had hiked about 5 miles into the forrest when, for no logical reason, I stopped dead in my tracks. The hair on my neck stood on end - i could feel the electricity in the air. SOMETHING was out there watching me.

I pulled my handgun and crouched down to hide. Then I realized how stupid that was - it knew i was there and exactly where I was. I was at a disadvantage because I couldn't see very far from the crouched position. So I stood up again.

I didn't move for over 5 minutes, but the feeling never left. I was in danger, but i didn't know from what.

I'm not sure if I noticed movement, or just happened to look up - but sitting very high in a thick tree was the biggest cat I have ever seen. It was jet black with a very long tail. It was looking directly at me. If I had taken another 15 steps, I would have been directly under it. I'm glad I will never know if it would have pounced on me. It was not sitting in a relaxed position - it was crouched and ready to move.

I stood looking at the cat for at least 2 minutes, deciding if I should shoot at it or not. I decided I would probably miss and who knows how the cat would react. I took one step backwards - the first time I had moved in a long time. The cat didn't move at all. I took another, still no reaction. I walked backward with my eyes on that cat until I couldn't see it any longer. Then I started a controlled jog that allowed me to look in all directions. I never again felt it's presence, but I knew it could come at me from any direction and I continuously scanned 360 degrees, with my gun in my hand, until i retraced the 5 miles and got out of there.

The damn thing was huge...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 60159666

Wow that's a great story, thanks. The Soo?
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