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Message Subject What's the craziest, weirdest, strangest, unbelievable thing you ever seen?
Poster Handle ajk
Post Content
3 wheeled motorbike tonight when I was heading home from getting some food....an orange 3 wheeled motorbike....that was on too, had its' lights on and the radio on....no one around in sight (building it was parked in front of was locked....owner may have been in the restaurant I came out of but didn't wanna bother with that and creating a scene). Never seen a thing like it. And it had a license on the back that looked like a temp one (like on a piece of paper).

I wish I had a camera to take a photo of the thing but I didn't. I hate when that happens lol. Oh well..cest la vie......but yeah that was my interesting story for today lol.
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