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Message Subject What's the craziest, weirdest, strangest, unbelievable thing you ever seen?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Back in high school some buddies and I liked to explore abandoned/creepy places. There was an old, decrepit house well off the road surrounded by tall weeds that we saw while driving by one day and decided to check it out. What happened there was the scariest and strangest event in my life.

We went there around 1am one weekend. After doing a full check of the outside of the house we found the only entry point was through a broken window which had to be entered one at a time. The first floor of the house wasn't anything special, but there were some signs that people had been in there not too long ago. We decided to climb the stairs and look around the second floor. That floor was much creepier, it had a room with boarded up windows that we decided would be a good place to break out the ouija board we had brought. We lit some candles and sat in a circle around the board, there were four of us. Once we began playing, the planchette was moving more swiftly and answering our questions more coherently than we had experienced anywhere else. The board told us that the man who had lived in the house had been murdered by his wife with a hammer. Upon hearing this was when we began to get truly freaked out and I wanted to stop playing. Someone asked if we could speak to the wife and it began moving to 'Yes.' At that point everyone but one person removed their hands from the planchette out of fear. What happened next seemed to shatter reality.

With only one persons hand remaining on it, we all watched as the pointer slid out from under his hand by itself and then leapt about six inches in the air while spinning. It may not sound like much, but when you see something move by itself for the first time in your life, while being on the second floor of an abandoned house out in the middle of no where, it almost gave me a heart attack. The guy who had his hand on it last screamed the most visceral scream I have ever heard, it was if someone had just buried an axe in his head. The scream and the shock of the event was so jolting that I temporarily left my body and saw the scene of all four of us sitting around the board from above. When I returned to my body, he was still screaming but was now convulsing with his arm outstretched as if he were pointing at something. His brother thought he was having a seizure and had to grab ahold of him to keep him from shaking.

When he finally calmed down and regained his senses, we knew the first order of business was to get the fuck out of there as quickly as possible. I grabbed the flashlight and went to head out when light suddenly died, leaving us terrified in complete darkness. We joined hands and I said a prayer, it took all of our courage to navigate out of that house together and make it back out the window one at a time without being able to see and feeling that something would grab us at any second.

I still remember it took my brain about a week to get over the shock of the event and rationalize it, our brains are pretty good at filtering out things that don't agree with our accepted view of reality.

I wish the house was still there so I could go back and have another look, but they moved it. Didn't tear it down, but moved this entire huge house somewhere. The field where it used to stand is still tamped down in the outline of the house and there is zero debris, sometimes I wonder if it really existed at all.
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