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Message Subject What's the craziest, weirdest, strangest, unbelievable thing you ever seen?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I had a Uri Geller moment and retrieved my child's lost ball out of thin air. Walking to the car with the family, through the garage, and one kid says they need their ball. I went back in, looked around, and couldn't find it. On the way back out, walking by the perfectly smooth dry-walled walls and roof of the garage, the ball fell out of thin air, landed on my shoulder, and was tangled in my hair. I had to untangle it to get it out.

One day I was flying over the ocean enjoying the sound of the waves and watching them roll peacefully in at the San Onofre State park. We were camping on the top of the huge cliffs there. It was a pitch black night, one of those night where if you are 20 feet from the fire, you can move your hand in front of your face and see no difference. Anyway, I saw a group of people on a cliff calling out to someone. I was curious, so I rewound time. I saw a guy doing the running man in mid air going back up from the bottom of the cliff. I went forward in time, and saw him falling. Back and forth a few times, and I was able to figure out that he fell off the cliff. He wasn't answering the calls of the people on the top of the cliff, so I got concerned. I flew around over the camp fire, through the group of people, down the cliff... and SWOOP! I was laying in the pitch black in pain clinging to the side of a cliff. I said in absolute terror, "It's me. I'm the one who fell off the cliff." I proceeded to argue with myself going back and forth, "No no no, it's not me." Then the horror sets in again, "It IS me." Still one of the most terrifying moments of my life. I had PTSD for a while after that where I would suddenly be at the bottom of that cliff again. Managed to get away with scratches and bruised organs. It was an 80 foot drop into cactus and broken glass. I was lucky, I could have been splattered on one of the huge boulders.

Had a bird-sized creature painlessly extract blood from my neck one day walking through the park at night. I felt something on my neck and swatted it off. Against the full moon, I could see it flying away shooting a 6 foot stream of my blood out of it's 2-inch needle snout. It was definitely not a bat. It looked like a hummingbird with a giant needle nose. Kind of like an overgrown mosquito but it flew like a hummingbird.

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