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Message Subject What's the craziest, weirdest, strangest, unbelievable thing you ever seen?
Poster Handle VeggieBeefTips
Post Content
By any chance did the light not show any glow off it, and did it zig zag around as it moved getting bigger as it came. If so I have seem one.
 Quoting: Daughter

If by "glow" you mean "its light did not illuminate other objects", I really couldn't tell as it was pitch black outside, in the middle of an open road.. Well, I guess even a match in that scenario would illuminate the surrounding trees some, but I don't recall it doing so.. maybe not.. not sure.

I don't recall about zig-zaging outside of the truck, but at first it appeared to be a lot farther away than it actualy was -- I thought it was a distant head-light of an oncoming car -- but it never got too much bigger. i.e. it pretty well originated right in front of us but took what seemed like a really long time to just inch forward -- further enabling the perception that it was a very far away on coming headlight.

However, once it entered the vehicle it was zipping all around us. It was a bit entrancing. I remember the ambient space taking on a sort of pink-tone closer to the entity, and sort of purplish to green farther away -- the central light remaining golden-sparkly-white though.

It was a trip.
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