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Message Subject What's the craziest, weirdest, strangest, unbelievable thing you ever seen?
Poster Handle Raveninns
Post Content
Back in '97 or '98, I was living in Iqaluit. I went for my coffee break at the restaurant in the Brown Building which gives a panoramic view of the entire town, as well as the airport. The Americans were doing air exercises at the time for frigid air conditions for flight as well as the fact that Iqaluit has the second longest runway in the world.

Just took a sip of my coffee and watched a jet getting ready to land. It missed, and instead flew into the embankment just before the runway.

The explosion was terrifying. Huge explosion, horribly loud, almost deafening. The whole thing was surreal. It seemed as if it were in slow motion.

By the way, the pilot managed to eject just in time...

On another note, I was living just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was about 25. I was just watching tv and all of a sudden, the entire contents of the second shelf of a bookcase in the corner flew off, as if shoved off. No-one in the apartment except me. Freaked me out at the time.

Another time, I had broken my leg and ankle. My ankle was shattered in a million pieces and had to be rebuilt. I was told I would have difficulty in walking for the rest of my life. I was in a cast to my hip. I went to a healer. She sent me healing with her hands, about a foot from my leg, stroking above my leg softly, praying for healing. My leg flew up, staying there for about 2 minutes, with absolutely no effort or intent on my part. Needless to say, when the cast came off, I was healed completely.

The most beautiful and precious memory I have was when I was living in Arctic Bay. it was early and I was outside on the deck of my office, looking into the bay which was about 20 metres away. Within a breath, all of a sudden, as if choreographed, a hundred or so narwhal whales came out of the bay, stayed for about 15 seconds, their tusks gleaming in the sunlight.

Then they disappeared as fast as they appeared. There was an Elder at the shore watching this as well. He fell to his knees. Later on, he came to my office with his grandson to translate. He asked me what I saw and I related my story. He began to weep. His grandson told me that there were stories that this has happened but no-one really believed it. But me and the Elder saw it. I do feel really blessed for that.

Many many more....

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