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Message Subject What's the craziest, weirdest, strangest, unbelievable thing you ever seen?
Poster Handle TrustNoOneKS
Post Content
Right after he supposedly left them, a lot of things happened pretty quickly. He had a copy machine fall off of a forklift onto him in the warehouse where he worked that broke his neck. He never worked again after that. We were pretty well off before that happened. My mom and dad ended up losing the house and everything.

He was also heavily involved in the American Legion and was pretty high up in the State of Kansas. He was Vice-Commander for the State of Kansas and was expecting to go on to become the Commander for the State of Kansas, but all that just fell apartment right around this time frame. He was also heavily involved in the 40/8 and that fell off in the same time frame as well.

Also, all of his family pretty much cut off contact with us around then. I have family here in Wichita that I probably wouldn't even know if I walked by them on the street because I haven't really had anything to do with them since I was a teenager.

My brother also said that we were all being watched and he swore that my phone was being tapped. We could both hear weird clicks and stuff when we talked on the phone. After he told me that we were all still being watched, one time I did notice that I was being followed by a car and me and my boyfriend were up in my apartment on the floor looking out the balcony to see if the car was still there and there was a guy just sitting in it facing my apartment.

Then, when my grandpa died, the masons came and did some ceremony at his graveside before they laid the casket down. It was crazy all the mason stuff that was at the funeral. There was even a floral arrangement that had the symbols. After the graveside services my dad tried to catch up to the masons and talk to them, but they just kept walking like they didn't even hear him even though I know they did. He was in a wheelchair by this time, so he couldn't catch up to them, but he was calling to them and it was so sad and so weird because they acted like he wasn't even there.

At the funeral, our family (my dad, my mom, my brother, and I) was pretty much not acknowledged by anyone except my Uncle Bruce, who was married to my dad's half-sister.

Also, my brother tried to join them, but they wouldn't allow him in because of my dad supposedly. Why he wanted to be part of that I will never know.

Sometimes, I think that I'm being gang-stalked, but you never really know with that sort of stuff, so I just kind of have to write it off as coincidence.
 Quoting: TrustNoOneKS

I'm going to send you a link in a PM. I've been hearing good things it and reading your post made me think of it. I've been learning about it, myself.

Edit: Oh shoot! I can't send a link. I can receive from you but can't send.

Someone upgrades me from time to time. I am pretty sure he will do it again. I just have to ask. I have put off asking because I don't want him to feel obligated. Anyway, I'll ask and I'm pretty sure he will do it. I'll send you the link once I"m upgraded.

 Quoting: ERE3

I'll PM you my email address so that you don't have to mess with that!
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