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Message Subject What's the craziest, weirdest, strangest, unbelievable thing you ever seen?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No joke....

About 20 years ago I was in a Laundry Mat, sitting, waiting on our clothes to dry....

An older black woman walked in and was just walking around, sort of muttering loudly to herself (seeming like she was carrying a conversation with someone else) and was getting angrier and angrier as the moments passed.

I was keeping an eye on her... Especially since she had no laundry with her, no basket, and didn't appear to be checking on any of the other machines.

After about 15 minutes or so, she stopped walking around, came over and sat in the chair nearest to my kids and I. There were plenty of other chairs around, but she took the closest seat to us. This entire time STILL carrying on a conversation with someone (no one we could see.)


All of a sudden she starts yelling that he hates "black people" (except she was using the derogatory N-WORD instead). She went on and on... Cussing, screaching, saying ni**er, ni**er, ni**er in a much deeper! scary, crazy, hateful voice.

(Okay, so let me just break in here to tell you that my children and I were getting extremely uncomfortable... Had been avoiding eye contact, trying to not stare... But at this point we were all staring at her, sitting uncomfortable close, and were becoming quite frightened of what she might do next.)

So I stood up, as did my children, and we started walking toward the door. (I was going to go "wait for our laundry" in the comfort and safety of our locked car.)

The lady yells out to me (using a little old lady voice) to PLEASE STOP.

The kids and I turned around, and I said DO YOU NEED SOMETHING?

She stood up, came over to us, and began telling me she was WHITE trapped in a black body (again she used filthy language here instead) and that she hated this and that.... Just a bunch of CRAZY CRAZY talk. She said she missed her blue eyes, and then she said to look closely into her eyes and she would show us her blue eyes. (This was beyond BAT CRAZY, but we couldn't take out eyes off her..) Of course she couldn't change her eye color... But we watched for a few seconds anyway...

I PROMISE YOU, right before our very eyes, we ALL witnessed this old black womans eyes turn from a VERY DARK BROWN to BRIGHT BLUE. (No joke here, absolute truth I'm telling you! The kids and I have talked about this for years!). All of a sudden, dark fear came over me... I yelled out JESUS.... And when I did, she started screaming. We were all wide eyed now.

I said "Jesus, please heal her" and she SCREAMED and writhed in pain. She placed both of her hands over her ears and said NOOOOO. (I was so scared, and yet at the same time felt brave enough to touch her arm and say IN THE NAME OF JESUS GET OUT.... YOU ARE HEALED. IN THE NAME OF JESUS.)

She immediately stopped writhing... Stopped screaming... Stopped all the CRAZY stuff.... Sat down in a chair, and started crying. We literally watched a demon come out of this woman. It was GONE!

After collecting herself some, she began talking (normally) telling us a bit about herself, her life, her needs, etc. She was now a very pleasant, kind, gentle woman before us. She stayed in the Laundry Mat with us until all of my laundry was done, and then (I know it sounds strange, but again all true) we took her out to eat with us, and then she asked to be dropped off at an apartment complex nearby, and that was the last we ever saw her.
 Quoting: Freckle Face


What color were here eyes after you prayed for her?
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