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Message Subject What's the craziest, weirdest, strangest, unbelievable thing you ever seen?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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This is true, but I accept that many people won't believe me. Also, it's one of those, 'You had to have been there' things, and hard to paint a word-picture of.

I had a boyfriend, who changed to the point that I genuinely started to think he was possessed. (He once said in a moment of clarity that he thought he was, too). I loved him, but I was becoming afraid of him.

One day he called me and asked me to go over to his house, so I did. But all he did, all evening, was argue nastily, to the point where I said, 'Why did you even ask me round?' In the end I'd had enough and got up to go, but he wouldn't let me. He pointed out it was 2 am by then, a rough area (this was true), and no way was he going to let me walk through the streets at that time. He just wouldn't let me leave. When I tried to push it, he just got aggressive, so in the end I said, 'Fine!', and sat in a chair in the corner of his bedroom, saying I'd wait till the morning. I refused to sleep with him, I just sat there.

What I actually planned to do was, wait until he fell asleep, then tiptoe out, very very quietly. First he pretended to be asleep, but kept 'waking up' and saying irritably, 'Look, come to bed!' I shook my head, and just sat there in the dark room. It was very boring, it took hours until I was 100% certain he really was deeply asleep. Then I started very very carefully getting up, inching my way to the door. But I kept my eyes on him the whole time, in case he woke up and saw me.

And while staring at him and backing away, I saw a black shape all round him! I could not believe what I was seeing. I leaned over the bed very carefully, placing one hand on it to balance myself, trying to see if this 'blackness' went all around him.
Suddenly his hand shot out and pinned me down by the wrist!! I nearly had heart failure. And the thing is, he was still asleep! Not faking it, really, deeply asleep.

His hand lifted every finger up, in a slow, deliberate way, until only his little finger was resting on me. But I couldn't move! That little finger pinned me down. Then the hand lifted off me, and wagged the forefinger at me, back and forth in a warning, like, 'Watch it.' And the whole time, he was in a deep sleep. Forget tiptoeing - I RAN from the house, down the stairs, out, and I literally did not stop running for about a mile. Never stayed there again. I probably haven't told the story very well, but it was one of the most blood-freezing moments of my life!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 48631949

I have no trouble believing you.

And I believe Bill Schnoebelen's stories too - like the one where a man summoned a demon in his garage, and the demon tricked him, and the man vanished.

[link to www.metatech.org]
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