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Message Subject What's the craziest, weirdest, strangest, unbelievable thing you ever seen?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I like to mess with visual perspectives, and one thing I do is look at a group of three-dimensional objects and change my perspective and literally see them as two-dimensional. For example, l look at a wall that has a clock on it and visualize the clock as actually painted on the wall, and not having any depth of its own. That's not the weird part. The weirdness happened one night at my family's cabin or camp as we call it. I was up late and staring at the rug on the floor, there was a book or a board game box on the floor and I was changing my perspective so that the box was 2D, basically making it appear as part of the pattern printed on the rug. I do this by adjusting the focus of my eyes, crossing eyes, staring blankly etc. When I achieved what I wanted to visually something unbelievably strange happened.

Behind one of the pattern sections on the rug a tiny Brownie (or fairy, but I intuitively knew it as a Brownie) popped out and started waving madly and jumping up and down. I guess when I snapped the book into 2D I created some other 3D window in the rug and this Brownie was going crazy, it was like he was so happy I could see him and knew it. He was wearing a long dark green or brown cap, sort of pointed like a typical gnome hat, but floppy and the same color vest or shirt, sort of Peter Pan-ish I guess but had white sleeves and leggings. I snapped my eyes back a moment later and it was all gone.

My wife and I saw another one inside a picture once. We like to take pictures of clouds and mess with the color tones and also zoom in on spots and try to discern faces or patterns; again sort of messing with perspectives. We were zoomed in digitally very far on a digital photo and out pops another brownie, this one was just dancing.

That's the honest to God truth. Try messing with your vision some time, it is a lot of fun. Don't worry about hurting your eyes, it's actually good to excercise them; there is actually "eye yoga." I believed in magic before all of this, but now I believe anything is possible.
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Will have to do this!hf
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