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Message Subject WHY MALAYSIA??? Malysian War Crimes tribunal convicts Bush, Cheney, et al.
Poster Handle Sol Reflector
Post Content
so what does malaysia have to do with iraq and afghanistan and why would seats of power be held accountable for actions that soldiers took?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 66370984

Are you serious? Soldiers are just pawns and do the bidding of the 'SEATS OF POWER'. Get it? Soldiers aren't to blame for anything (usually), it's the Elite Criminal Cabal they work for responsible for the death and suffering in the world. There's a global MURDER, INC. at work in the world (think JPMorgan/Goldman-Sachs/ShittiBank, etc.).

These corporate criminals run the world's governments and militaries and brainwashing organs. Woe to those who act independently like Malaysia, Iceland, Venezuela, Iran, Libya, etc, etc.... Those who haven't been assimilated are targeted by the BORG (Illuminati) New World Order.

Why is it so hard for folks to see how their brains and spirits are under attack. As Huxley said, ' People will love their servitude.' I, for one, CANNOT!

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
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