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Message Subject WHY MALAYSIA??? Malysian War Crimes tribunal convicts Bush, Cheney, et al.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How old is that "news"?

10 Years old?

What happened to Bush Jr. since then?


 Quoting: NewEarth 5D 66488883

The news is about 3 years ago, but the 'coincidence' that 3 MALAYSIAN air flights end in the death of all passengers out of 10's of thousands of flights every day. How many British planes go missing? American? German? Australian? Canadian???

Evidence points to the first two being shot down by NATO/US shenanigans. I won't be surprised if this one is riddled with shrapnel also. Full-size Jet airplanes don't fall out of the sky from thunderstorms....NEVER!
 Quoting: Sol Reflector

Actually, yes they do. And have in the United States. A flight out of Atlanta to a Florida Destination comes to mind. Went down in a massive thunderstorm and weather front. Wind shear was thought to be the cause.
I was on the very next flight on the same path. It was eery. We hit the same storm, couldn't get above or around, got hit by lightening, lost two engines, fire, plane was put into a dive - engines off - to put out the fires. Got lucky, and at about the last second, the engines came on and we regained altitude.
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