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Message Subject "Founder of Analytical Psychology," Carl Jung Called "Disturbed" Due to His "Red Book!" Video
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
I am confused OP are you saying the two artciles you link to suggest Jung was nuts. have not read them yet.

are you also saying it was You who had vision of jung and patient and the beetle? This did no actually happen to Jung. Because on another thread just recently you posted about the red book and mentioned the beetle story as if it was something that happened to Jung.

Finally, what is the purpose of this thread. what information are you trying to communicate? what is new about it? what Is your background, experience to deliver suchinformation.

thank you and happy new year
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 57499011

Here...this is just for you--I wrote a short new summary
paragraph at the top of the thread...It's a work-in-progress
as I said!

Were Jung's notations in "The Red Book" showing his 30-year long anticipation of Comets, climate disasters and a repeat of the "Vela Supernova of 9,500 b.c." (after the year 2000 A.D.) the basis for creating a "German mythology code" in SECRET paintings and creative stories eventually coming public now in "The Red Book?" Was he a psychiatrist-version of someone like Immanuel Velikovsky rather through art and myth trying to give future generations a warning. Did his effort drive him crazy with an undiagnosed "Cassandra Complex?"
If you are curious about THESE kinds of things...let's look at Jung's "The Red Book" strangeness together!

Hope that helps!
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