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Message Subject "Founder of Analytical Psychology," Carl Jung Called "Disturbed" Due to His "Red Book!" Video
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
Freud makes his Jewish supremacist viewpoint very clear in a letter to a Jewish woman who intended to conceive a
child by a Gentile to heal the split in psychoanalysis. His words were:
I must confess...that your fantasy about the birth of the Savior to a mixed union did not appeal to me at
all. The Lord, in that anti-Jewish period, had him born from the superior Jewish race. But I know these
are my prejudices. [565]
Chapter 18: Jews, Communism and Civil Rights [My Awakening by David Duke] Page 5 of 13
[link to www.solargeneral.com] 12/16/2005
A year later the same woman gave birth to a child fathered by a Jew. Freud responded
I am, as you know, cured of the last shred of my predilection for the Aryan cause, and would like to take it
that if the child turned out to be a boy he will develop into a stalwart Zionist. He or she must be dark in
any case, no more towheads. Let us banish all these will-o'-the-wisps!
I shall not present my compliments to Jung in Munich, as you know perfectly well.... We are and remain
Jews. The others will only exploit us and will never understand and appreciate us. (quoted in Yerushalmi
1991, 45).

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 66555874

Have no idea where this quote came from, but Carl Jung was
not a Jew. He was raised in Switzerland as a Lutheran sect of Christianity. His father, was in fact, a Christian elder of his church. So...the Jew card doesn't wash in this case!
Interesting post, tho!

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