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Message Subject "Founder of Analytical Psychology," Carl Jung Called "Disturbed" Due to His "Red Book!" Video
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
Have you read The Red Book cover to cover OP?

Do you own your own copy of said?
 Quoting: Tampa Heather

Sorry...is this a bait question?
...And coming from a friend...how sad.

Brings up an interesting point, Tampa. If a person
REALLY wanted to get the full-monty with regard to a
complete knowledge of "The Red Book" one would need to
know German thoroughly (the book is written in German)
because the people who are currently doing the deciphering
for the English versions are deciphering the book
totally out of context--and probably with their own "agenda" in mind (religion, politics, medical scams, etc.)

The person would need to have a fairly hefty book budget, a hard-bound fully illustrated version of the book sells for $200.00. Anybody here have a spare $200.00?

There is a video "virtual tour" of the "Red Book" on
the Intro page up now (12-01-2015) that I just added,
since not everyone is familiar with the book.

I can tell you that I've studied Jung in University
psychology (it was my minor) and that the current
excerpts available on the net can give you a "fair"
working knowledge of what the book contains if you keep alert to avoid the ones with an agenda. Like I already commented...if there was anyone with an "agenda" to smear Carl Jung's reputation and brilliant career...it would be "Big Pharma." But that's just me.
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