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Message Subject Called Pakistan about the Sandy Hook/ Noah Pozner thing.
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[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Sacrifice, blood drinking and baby flesh eating occurs every Saturday either at Mr Hollings, RD's or occasionally at Vanessa/Mrs Forsdyke's (headmistress) houses. Also at Katie Harries' (Karen Harries, David Harries, Flat1, 2 The Park, NW11 7SU, 07940 421 221, [email protected]), Ricky Dearman, satanic pedophile serial child sex murder, head of child sexual abuse and sacrifice satanic cult. Mr Dearman is on constant move, stays in other people's houses, mainly at Mr Hollings'. One of the addresses where children are taken to be abused is the corner house at 16 St Paul's place, Islington, London. Tel: +44 7973 735441 +444 564 274900 (maybe incorrect) Sexual preferences: his children, Vanessa's children, India, Millie, Kills at least one baby a day and shares to eat. Regularly travels to Thailand to abuse the children there; Has extensive contacts and buys babies from around the world; Runs lucrative child pornography and snuff movies business.

Main members of the cult:

Mrs Forsdyke (headmistress) - her husband is involved and also supplies babies.

Mrs Forsdyke - administrator, runs the whole business of child prostitution, child porn and snuff movies. Organises and frequently hosts "Fun Sex Parties" (child sexual abuse and babies sacrifice parties). Sexual preferences: Alisa, Gabriel, Lilly (Y1), her own baby Lilly, Millie, Sohie, Millie, Clark, Lindsey, Leon, Max, Jack - all from Y5. Has huge pink birth mark around shaved front private with the devil's tattoo.

Mr Hollings (current teacher of Y5) - next in charge. Killed at least 67 babies at least. Closest associate of Mr Dearman. One of the main abusers. Lives in Highgate. Has secret rooms (where he keeps skills, bones, props, fridges with dead baby bodies) and secret escapes in his house. Supplies the babies.

Vanessa Fitzpatrick - former Y4 representative and active member of the cult. One of the main abusers. Brings babies from South Africa and possibly sells the movies there. George Fitzpatrick also brings babies, owns building company, together with another abuser and employee Bob constructs secret rooms and escapes for the cult members. Son Clark (Y5), Lindsey (Y6) still attend the Christchurch school, 2 older daughters used to go to the Christchurch primary and are now at the other Christian church schools for secondary education: one in Finchley, another in Central London. 128 Fordwych Rd NW2 3PB 020 8450 2383 07956 095 224 [email protected]
Vishal Kawatra: one of the main associates in Germany (Indian, from Edgware, London, lives in Berlin, filming, brings sweeties, sells movies, buys babies). His wife Feng Yee (known as Anna in school) films, bring babies from China and works with her husband selling movies.

Galyna Upson (mother of James from Y5). High level active member. Estate dealer. Provides empty properties for ritual and sexual abuse of the children. Her husband is also heavily involved. Both bring babies from Russia, Ukraine. Galyna translates movies and sells in these countries. 0779646 8776 [email protected]

Members of the cult film, edit, translate and sell the movies around Europe, Russia, Ukraine, America. Translators are high level members: Lina Cameron - also sells movies. 07939 321611, Flat 2, 42 Great Cumberland Place. W1H 7TP . Natasha Yaroshovets sells, translates. Flat 1, 1 Greenaway Gardens, London, NW3 7DJ. [email protected]

The children are frequently injected to be put to sleep, those who can't tolerate pain and scream too much: Alisa, Gabriel, Sophie, Mia, Luka, Marco, Max, Clark, Lindsey, India, James, Lisa's (RD's sister) children. The children are being injected my the school nurse Ms Marden.

Children who do not get injected: Millie, James, Callypso, Clark, Max, Leon, Cartney, Ryan, Keva, Luca, Uraj, Sebastian, Alex E, Georgia, Violette, Natasha, Elleanor.

After injections children feel pain in the belly, dizziness, headache, numbness, weakness, limbs. Artyom Lamanov (Russian), Luca Lamanov's father is the supplier of the pharmaceuticals soporific medications.
Teachers involved: Mrs Forsdyke (headmistress) has huge red

Mr Hollings (former Y4, now Y5 teacher) Ms Rigis, Ms Essor, Ms Stokes, Ms Connock, Ms Carn. Ms Marden (school nurse, injects children when they scream, also injects babies to sleep to be sacrificed), has large brown (5 pens coin size) moll/wart of the left lip of her front private Mr Fenoni Ms Shail Ms Shaw Ms Kate Unwin (relative of Mrs Forsdyke) Mrs Bettle Ms Ms Clover Mr Williams Mr Burnett Mr Polidano Ms Wilmer Ms Kirby And all the rest.


Ms Wilmer (infant teacher) prefers babies and was the longest friends with Ricky Dearman. Knew him before my children went to Christchurch school.

Teachers who have left school to other schools to spread the cult but still come to the parties: Ms Reece (lives with Ms Clay), Ms Surgent (moved to Brighton), Ms Clay works for new French school in London and France. Ms May (moved St Margaret, left school but comes to the parties) Ms Scotch (moved to Hampstead Perrochio as a teacher assistant) Ms Ashton (lives in the tall building next to the school, floor before the top one) - really hairy front private.

Teachers from other schools: Richie (St Margaret), Mr Hint (Hampstead Perrochio), movies, good at filming) Mr Phonix (head teacher at New End school) Mrs Fritz (head of Fitzjohns' school) Mr Fenoni (New End school)

Other people involved:

Mr Draper (ex-husband) is financial supporter and active member of the cult as well as his wife Sara Home address: Sauncey Crook, 26 Sauncey Avenue, Harbenden, Herts, AL5 4QJ. Mobile: 07715 772565, Home number: 01582 621892. Work address: 10 Paternoster Square | London | EC4M 7AL | UNITED KINGDOM T +44 (0) 20 7456 1694 | [email protected] | www.espiritosantoib.co.uk.

Nichola - volunteer in New End School (daughter Chloe in Y1 New End School) as you go towards the end of Resington Gardens, NW3 (continuation of Heath Drive; as you reach the end of the road there is gates straight up through, top flat, top floor corner flat), all her children abused. Daughter works in the nursery, possibly abuses children there. (Not confirmed)

Olya Shishkina, Lesha Seleznev, their children Sasha, Misha; Olya's nanny Evelina also does, her sister Marina, daughter Nastya, - address 17 Pattison, London, NW2 2HL Her mobile: +44 7766 057444 His: 07774 821538.

Laya, Annalie daughter - as you reach main junction (towards Central London) moving away from Pattison road first turn to the right, old style black and white building on the left, last entrance, top floor flat, no 27 or 28)

Kate (really hairy private), "Toffee" spaniel dog, filming, renting house, lives on Pattison rd. Former neighbour Sam, (above Ms Susanne Pinkenton), her husband (French) - she does filming, all three are active members. No 7 Pattison road, nw2 2hl, one of the most wicked ones.

Ms Susanne Pinkenton, No 7 Pattison road, NW2 2HL.

Helena, husband, got sausage dog, 4 children, mid of Pattison rd, red car, dog is with one blue eye.
Chinese couple moved out of no 9 Pattison Road, NW2 2HL

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