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Message Subject I have a mystery suction cup noise in my house, I can't figure out what it is. Guesses are welcome......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I had a strange sound in the house, almost like a sobbing, moaning sound from the bathroom. I heard it clearly. one story house. around 4 am. A ghost in the toilet??

When I went to get the newspaper hours later, I saw we had a colossal water main break! Water all over the road, fast-moving.

another night weeks later - same sound, and this time I looked outside. Water main break.

Got so I called the water company emergency number any time I heard the moaning toilet sound. They thought I was insane until they checked - water main break right in my neighborhood.

and then they cited me for messing with my water meter!

AS IT TURNS OUT, every time there was a water main break in the neighborhood, my pipes had the water sucked out, causing the "moaning" sound.
It also caused my water meter to spin backwards, making me have a ridiculously low water usage.

Well all was solved. They realized I had not tampered with the water meter.
 Quoting: beeches

That seems like something people should know about, thanks for telling that story!
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