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thankful and Greatful to GLP for unbanning me thsnk you goodness

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01/04/2015 08:53 AM
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thankful and Greatful to GLP for unbanning me thsnk you goodness
Appreciate the Fact of Goodness from people in the world and the ones which know the honest to Gods truth Thank you. To the ones wanting to know the truth and seeking the truth the truth is here all you have to do is ask and then accept the truth which you heard not the truth you heard and it wasn't really true sometimes in outlives we was lied to but then i realized some people just didn't want to hear the truth or accept the truth and that's why they was lied to but never made lieing right to a person than the say white lies are ok really no sin is greater then another all sin is sin right well then i learned you do have different types of sin like original sin we by mosses commandments from God we are not to lie. my own physical body i learned man made me in my younger days to be a little liar bc he felt we needed to be protected from the truth and hise the truth from me in my life but growing up i learned the truth is what really protects us when the world ignited and set on fire if your filled with the truth God wont let you burn By Power and Love of the Father. the lies we told get us in trouble and hurt the ones we love when they find out the truth and was once lied to hurts there feelings and could hurt then selves if there not careful. God bless i wont be home this week so i cant get on the net.... seek the truth of the truth of truth seek God seek the kingdom of God Good Luck. peace love health happiness be unto yous and your homes.
Rose L Gilman