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Message Subject Birthmarks?
Poster Handle HilosPP
Post Content
I've scoured the net looking for the significance of birthmarks...but I really didn't see anything that dinged my ~TRUTH~ bell...

Some folks believe birthmarks are a sign of karmic debt. Others believe it can be a mark of death from your last life.

I'm not sure I believe any of those things but I would like to hear GLPers thoughts and musings on the matter.

I will just add, I DO NOT have a birthmark, neither does my son.

Anyone else with no birthmark?

Anyone want to share their esoteric knowledge of birthmarks?

TIA ;)
 Quoting: Tampa Heather

I'm under the belief they are scars from past lives; I've got them all over, not in unhealthy way either; honestly looks like you can count the ways I've been killed.

2 on the adam's apple, one above my lip, one on the side of my face. My back looks like I've been whipped pretty much everytime I've walked the earth and they still practiced such things.

Did you know in some of the Asian cultures if a woman was in threat of being captured and than inturned raped by rivaling clan the woman would take a sword and end her life to spare her body from her attackers.

Have you ever seen the Bruce Lee flick when they bad guys get to his sister before he does?

I'll take a pic of my torso if you wanna see the moles on the front.
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