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Message Subject Birthmarks?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
IMO, moles and birthmarks are completely different.

A mole is excessive pigment and keratinisation, genetically produced sometimes, sometimes not.
A mole is a 'safe' cancer - and is the reason why we're told to keep an eye on them if they change as they could easily turn into a not so safe skin cancer.

Birth marks are flat random shapes on the body that are generally a darker tone than the natural skin colour.
They never change, and are rarely raised above the skin (except 'strawberry' birth marks).

I don't know the meaning - i've always wondered. I also read it was about past lives...it's intriguing as where i have mine, if they were wounds then they would be severing major arteries causing death.
My boyfriend and i both have 1 at the nape of our necks and mid lower back.
I have a massive one on my inner thigh that's the exact shape of Ireland - where i eventually moved to!

Perhaps they are portents of what is to come rather than signs of past death?
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