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Message Subject Give Me Something To Remote View And I'll Tell You About It
Poster Handle GFX guy
Post Content
How does this work?

You can just make shit up and say it was "the numbers"... How does one derive these numbers?
 Quoting: GFX guy

Doesn't matter. If it isn't a cold reading then it's not real.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23837846

I'm serious..
How do these numbers come about?

I mean, even if I were to deploy you "cold" how would I come up with this number set to match my target of interest? There must be some method.

I never did understand this part of remote viewing. Please enlighten us.

 Quoting: GFX guy

Your cellphone works. Is it necessary to understand why?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23837846

Actually yes. And I worked for AirTouch back in the day. I fully understand cellular technology.

This must be basic knowledge for a remote viewer... am I wrong with that assumption?
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