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Message Subject Give Me Something To Remote View And I'll Tell You About It
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Massive banning going on. Feeling something is amiss.

What is the answer to the soul growth question?

I was told twice out of the blue by psychics to ignore ET which I thought discussing outright would not look good to people and hence the m essage but what if ET is actually controlling much more than previously thought and are they changing history in a war with us by being time traveling interdimensionals?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 48551200

i have not banned anyone, nor requested
anyone be banned, nor have i deleted
any posts as an AC does not have that
ability in this forum

as far as i can see, humans do not have
a soul as written about in holy texts

however, humans do have a life essence
in each of us, this life essence is part
of what gives us godlike qualities and
the abilities to mentally communicate
with ET's

however, when you die, this life essence ceases
to exist in DNA form, if the ET's determine it
is no longer of use to them

but this is passed through DNA sequencing,
not a ghost-like soul entity

your soul is your exact DNA

and you come into this world without
knowledge of your past lives, because
your life's experiences are wiped
when recycled and the original DNA
is re-used

exactly why i can't remember what i did
when i was Daniel in a previous life

the only portion of Daniel that was re-used
was the DNA portion, the DNA that contained
the memories were kept in the GC and was shared
in limited fashion through my dreams

but from what i see, there is no soul
as written in holy texts, and eternity
was mistranslated to mean the experiences
you had while living was added to the
global consciousness, thus existing
forever, despite whether you were
good or bad, makes no difference

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