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Message Subject Impact Dates & Areas ... Canada !! ... Western To Eastern Canada ... January 2015
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
The leviathin seem to be ruling the US/UK. The bad ETs are not hanging out in our bases, those are actually the Telos and some Aldebaran and Alpha Centauri's etc. Rockies all the way down to the US on the other hand, with all the elites and their underground bases, not sure thats a good area. Colorado for example.

As for the dates here, naturally they didn't happen.

But on top of that, was thinking last night, was this some kind of threat to Canada, if you don't mess with your economy and put in Obama's BS crapola, or bring in tons of the ISIS or extremists or whatever their blackmail is, we're going to direct some meteors your way.

Or Russia, for our traitorous PM, who shouldn't even be in as he called 3 elections to try for a majority including one that the NDP made many gains in seats and then suddenly the only decent man in politics, the leader of the underdog NDP, died of fast acting postrate cancer. I think our PM needs legal investigations myself.

Also he was defeated, they didn't have the mandate to pass the legislation and thus a new election had to be called on year. But the Queen interfered and he stayed on after the holidays.

He shouldn't be in for that, and also you can't run more than 3 times in Canada. There is a limit. And he is in forth term now? They say he's going to ignore our policies and run for fourth term, but he called 3 elections to get his majority, and he was already in. It doesnt compute to me.

Anyway, if its Russia, I do hope they actually stop this, and instead bring out the zero point energy and wake up this planet.

Someone has to.

Be the hero's.

And for the US/Queenie coalition. FUCK OFF!

Just wait for the cosmic arrest teams, I've been shown the removals of the Rothchild's and Windsors and renegades.
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