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Message Subject Impact Dates & Areas ... Canada !! ... Western To Eastern Canada ... January 2015
Poster Handle ST In BG
Post Content
Greetings: Red Hot Chilean Pepe: User ID: 66853891


01/18/2015 09:11 PM

Well, ST in BG has been in GLP longer than most of us, and surely will be longer after many of you guys.

**Suffice To Say ... WE Have Been "Around" ... & Will Continue To Be ... Of Our Various Energies & Forms ... On The Surface ... & Aboard Ship(s) !!

The guy has interesting ideas if you care to sift through the long thread,

**Thank You !! ... It Is From This Side ... Interesting ... & Fascinating As Well !!

and I surely was intrigued by this very unusual thread.

**Yes !! ... It Was An "Unusual Surprise" ... To Receive This Information ... & To Remember It ... To Post On GLP !!

Well, we can say the ET's played a good one on us this time. ;)

**Not An "ET Joke" ... But Rather ... An "Intervention" !! ... As The Conduit Was Shown ... What Would Happen/Occur ... If "Intervention" Does Not Take Place !!

**A Decision On "Intervention" Is Based On Many Factors !! ... As The "Impact" From Such An Event(s) ... Is Not Only Of ... The Physical "Shattering Impact(s)" & The Resulting Destructions ... But How This Effects ... The Various Beings/Lifeforms On/Of The Planet ... & Of The Living Planet Itself !!

**These Are More Direct & "Personal Effects" This Has ... On Their Physical, Mental, Energetic Composition ... As Well As "Outside Factors" ... Such As Their Life/Living/Environments !! ... How This Influences Their Health & Well Being !!

Farewell For Now !!

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