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Message Subject Impact Dates & Areas ... Canada !! ... Western To Eastern Canada ... January 2015
Poster Handle KipKat
Post Content
Greetings: KipKat: User ID: 25952351


01/19/2015 03:57 AM

Congratulations! You made it on the list as promised!

Thread: List of false prophets and failed predictions. (Page 74)

**Such "Attempt To Discredit" ... Only Demonstrates ... A Need To "Quick: Run & Tell" (Without Foresight Or Thought !!) ... Without Sufficient Information Or
Knowledge !!

**The Information Was Not Of "Prophecy" ... But Rather What Would Occur ... If There Was No Intervention !! ... The Knowledge Was Given To The Conduit To Remember ... To Write Down ... Then To Be Posted On This Forum !!

**Further ... As You Are Not Out In Space ... Like WE Are ... You Really Don't Know What Happened !! ... We'll Only Say ... "INTERVENTION" !! ... Of The 1st Spacial Threat ... That Would Have Struck ... Calgary Alberta Canada ... As Otherwise ... Things Would Be ... Very Nasty There & Beyond !!

Farewell For Now !!

 Quoting: ST In BG

You have been on glp long enough so that you/et should have know how this works! Post dates for doom that doesn't materialize and you'll be hounded for it! Don't blame me for that, it's just how the system works on glp!
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