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Message Subject KISS YOUR FREE PRESS GOOD-BYE! Barrett Brown conviction another sign of death of journalism in America...R.I.P.
Poster Handle Sol Reflector
Post Content
I'm flabbergasted by the SILENCE here on GLP about this case. The HB Gary and STRATFOR hacks were huge news here when it happened. The reason we are DOOMED is that no one will stand up for FREEDOM when the shit really hits the fan. I wish it weren't true, but I I think this proves it. All you brave laptop braggarts are a bunch of cowards when push comes to shove....I hope I'm wrong and that Aaron Swartz spirit still survives somewhere here in cyberspace.

EFF Statement on Barrett Brown Sentencing

U.S. District Judge Sam A. Lindsay sentenced Barrett Brown this morning to 63 months in federal prison, minus the 31 months he has already served to date. He was also ordered to pay $890,000 in restitution. EFF is disappointed to see that Brown wasn’t released today, after having spent nearly three years in prison on charges stemming from his work as an independent journalist.

Brown’s work has appeared in major outlets like Vanity Fair, the Huffington Post and the Guardian. He also founded Project PM, a project to crowdsource review of documents for investigative journalism. Brown's legal trouble began in 2011, when hackers obtained a voluminous set of emails from government contractor HBGary and placed them on the Internet. He turned to crowdsourcing to review records and emails taken from another government contractor, Stratfor, after hackers broke into their servers later in 2011. Those records included millions of emails discussing opportunities for rendition and assassination, and detailing attempts to subvert journalists, political groups and even foreign leaders. They also included tens of thousands of credit card numbers and their verification codes.

More here:

[link to www.eff.org (secure)]
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