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Message Subject KISS YOUR FREE PRESS GOOD-BYE! Barrett Brown conviction another sign of death of journalism in America...R.I.P.
Poster Handle Bansheegrrl
Post Content
oh shit....and I am sorry to say I am in Journalism school right now and instead we are talking about shit that happened three or more years ago, because it is some stupid copy/paste assignment...instead of using what we are studying to look at things right fucking now

I don't know what to say. I was trained in a real newsroom in the 90's and am just now finishing my degree, but so many of the kids in the program are so fucking clueless

We have a section of the class discussion board where we can talk about current events and other items. I have tried more than once to engage fellow classmates...seriously, NONE answered.

I see that so many are choosing to use blinders...

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for sharing this...at least I am reading this and taking it onwrd where I can...
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