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Message Subject KISS YOUR FREE PRESS GOOD-BYE! Barrett Brown conviction another sign of death of journalism in America...R.I.P.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
oh shit....and I am sorry to say I am in Journalism school right now and instead we are talking about shit that happened three or more years ago, because it is some stupid copy/paste assignment...instead of using what we are studying to look at things right fucking now

I don't know what to say. I was trained in a real newsroom in the 90's and am just now finishing my degree, but so many of the kids in the program are so fucking clueless

We have a section of the class discussion board where we can talk about current events and other items. I have tried more than once to engage fellow classmates...seriously, NONE answered.

I see that so many are choosing to use blinders...

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for sharing this...at least I am reading this and taking it onwrd where I can...
 Quoting: Bansheegrrl

There is few if any real journalists left in the world!
Most just burp up the same predictive programing news from TT and Reuters.
The Zombie war is comming closer and closer by the day!
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