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Message Subject KISS YOUR FREE PRESS GOOD-BYE! Barrett Brown conviction another sign of death of journalism in America...R.I.P.
Poster Handle aHEMagain^2
Post Content

I'm worried there are too many shills on here.
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

Hahaaha...I almost wish there WAS SHILLS!

 Quoting: Sol Reflector

Damn man, you waited 35 minutes before you went ballistic! You got to give people time to see a thread before you start railing against them for not responding.

It might take a day or two for people to get to it. Like me, I had the window up all night and am just getting to it now.

I haven't had the chance to review the case yet, but it's hard to see how publishing a link alone can be anything other than protected speech.

Would publishing the address where a crime had been committed be a crime? Would describing the route a getaway car used to flee a crime be a crime?

Seems ripe for appeal, and a switch of lawyers.

Anyone else notice more and more cases that almost sound like they have to have been sabotaged by the Defense Counsel to have lost? I thought that EFF even had a few precedent setting cases in this regard.

Thanks for bringing the story to our attention OP.

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