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Subject Read this weird experience by this Dutch individual
Poster Handle KKOPPI
Post Content
{I posted this for whatever reason. Personally, I was fascinated by the text. feel free to share your thoughts}

So, this testimony appeared a few days ago on 'UFO Meldpunt', a Dutch 'hotline' (that's the literal translation') on which people post weird encounters with 'UFOs' or simply things that they couldn't explain. The important thing is that the base of this group is independent and especially 'sober', 'tards' don't often appear on the site and it should be stressed that the goal of the site is not conspiracy chitchat but actual questioning of unexplained events/sightings.

I threw the thing into Google Translate, corrected some points to make the text 'readable' but still, don't mind some weird English.

Here it is;

Yesterday evening the the following happened to me ...

Around 23:00 I sent a whatsapp message
to my girlfriend that I went to bed.
I stepped into the shower, and when I came out of the shower, I suddenly got an anxious feeling that someone was in my house.
Besides my son, who was asleep, there was no one at home, so I could not really put my finger on that feeling.
Still, I went downstairs, looked around but there was nobody or nothing. I checked the locks on the doors again, and went back upstairs and lied myself in bed.
As I turned on the TV, the timer was switched on, so that the TV would switch off after 1 hour. Usually I quickly fall asleep after I turn on the TV.
After an hour the TV was off, but I was still wide awake, and still had that anxious feeling. Again I went out of bed, and I went to make a cup of tea. Around half past one I crawled back into my bed. How long I have been awake - I do not know, but when I woke up it was about four-thirty. I know this because I always look right on my phone when I wake up. But the weird thing was that it was already light (as in daylight) outside, (through the gap between my two curtains plenty of light came in, like waking up on a beautiful summer morning) so I was a bit confused. Thought I had overslept, and that my phone wasn't set correctly. And there began my strange experience.

I stood up and walked to the window. Somehow I thought it was so light outside because it might have snowed, and perhaps the reflection of the moonlight on the snow explained the light. I had seen that before.
When I opened the curtain, however, I saw a warm yellow / white light that shone in. It was warm light, but so bright, so I could not see where it came from. I saw only light, and nothing else.

At that moment I saw a shadow coming at me in the light. Again I could not really see what it was, and it was weird that I felt very calm. Without clothes I stood at the open window, that didn't seem to matter. Later I realized that I was just standing there looking at what was happening, without realizing what was going on.
Anyway, the shadow was growing, therefore I began to see less and less light.
I thought I recognized a humanoid shape, but it could have been that I wanted to assign a figure (as in meaning) to the shadow in my head. Then it was dark again and I don't remember what happened next.
My memory starts again at the time that I "woke up", I was standing in my garden. Without clothes, with my bare feet in the snow remnants of the previous day. I felt my feet, but they weren't cold. They were all red. I stood there for a while. It was dark. Then I walked towards the door. However, the door was locked, so I could not go inside.
On a "secret place" I lie a key to the front door, for when the kids come home before I do. I took the key and walked to the front door, which was also locked. That means I couldn't have come out through that door. Back inside I went to bed again very calmly. I looked at my phone and it was four to three.
At that time I didn't realize how weird it all was, and I fell asleep deliciously. This morning I woke up well-rested. I did not find it strange that my curtain was open, I didn't really think about it.
When I saw the key on the table, I realized that I hadn't dreamed, but that everything I remembered really happened.

I walked outside and there were also my footprints in the snow. But no prints to the place where I woke up (in the middle of the garden), only prints from that place to the back door and the front door. I think this is a scary situation, but I had no anxiety during this whole thing.

I decided to write it down before I forgot things.

I wonder whether there are more people who have experienced such things or can tell me what this is?

Original article:
[link to www.ufomeldpunt.nl]
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