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If we all decided to choose to live on a paradise planet for all of humanity; Earth , could we make the shift ? ... could we do it?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 65517675
02/04/2015 09:41 PM
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If we all decided to choose to live on a paradise planet for all of humanity; Earth , could we make the shift ? ... could we do it?
So , It just occurred to me ... simple and elegant equation to a seeming almost an ongoing unsolvleable problem ...

If we collectively agree that with this construct of mentality that encompasses the ranges of life that has been leading to the same cylical problems can be transcended ...

if collectively agree to live in a global paradise ...

We , The great generation of this most amazing new age ... agree, That we together are already working anyway but with a new understanding that we could all live in paradise ...

Keeping the Idea simple ... we have come so far and have contributed so many amazing things ; when you look around at everyday stuff its amazing , all of it , and yet there is still a path ahead that is leading us back to our organic world and onward to a healthier natural life... where paradise is hidden.

This paradise takes the basic infrastructural stress out of life ... if our objective was to step up and create the ecorealms of the future , we would begin to create an abundance / excess of housing and could end homelesness forever ... if we decided that we all have to eat (at this evolutionary ponit), then we should make food regularily available whithout the stigmas of foodbanks etc. ... free the middle class ... we are that awesome and we could easily do this as a collective humanity... like an all inclusive paradise resort... we are this awesome and we could create a more free flowing , lessstress life by collectively agreeing that if we could put the same amout of work but have less stress and much more freedom to live , travel and even have time to read some old books ... never worried that you'll go homeless or can't afford to travel ... always free travel and free units / (vegan /nongmo) food ... its like a basic feature of living in this new realm; let's say... and a basic feature of this new-life ministry is that everyone as a birthright gets a home they get the keys at at 21... and no you won't have to send your kids to the foodbank ... organic vege food is always free. ...
you won't have to pay their bills ... you won't have to worry about paying your kids bills because there are none ... running water is always free , its one of our blue planets favourite sciences ... no stressing about lights on , to expensive heat etc... free energy is our wonderful worlds specialty...

Now , think of school ... think of the mountains of debt and stress one experiences trying to be a productive participant of life ... This supernorous obscene debt created by the same system that's trying to teach them ...
Do we see the insanity of this?
Plus , there is no light at the end of this road ... its a debt black holeand that's just the beginning ... next comes all the gas bills , electricity bills , huge mortgages for everyone ... on and on ...

I'm just trying to talk rationally to everyone ... why put our next generations through this ... is there a better way?

And it comes down to what kind of world do we really want to live on ... one with all these stresses or something more like and all inclusive stay at planet paradise ... where you can work , play , travel , learn , create , pilgrimage ... on and on ... always knowing that free earths transportation , food , internet as a basic human right , housing. , units - options always available... as you either travel or are at home.

Think of our technology and how far we have come ... Think of all the amazing products people create ...we're all working for eachother when you just stop to look around and rejoice in the wonders of man and woman... its actually quite exhillerating to just look around at the artistry of the inventive splendour of everday stuff and the reat of it... Like wtf ...

This is what led me to this envisionment of the generation of the paradise planet transformation... we are so close to aparadise planet yet things are screwy and we know it. The basic idea is to reform our moral and ethical approach to life by removing the stress , competition_construct and survivalism out of everyday life ... and begin to value our global capacity to help eachother also have an awesome life on earth as a collective humanity. Sooner we do this for ouselves , the sooner we can begin to help other countries build their own global ecoscapes for the next generations on planet paradise... a planet who values morals and ethics more than money.

So what if we as a species decided that its time to drop this old cyclic way and decided we want a paradise planet instead?
Have all of our industrial advances got the capactiy to easily provide for the basics of life for all... including education...?I think we have all the parts and pieces to make this world the most unimaginably blissful and awesome experience for everyone to have a safe , secure and superjoyous stay on 'Planet Paradise' ... as long as we can collectively also see that is us who can make the decision to transcend the old way into this next evolutionary step. What does an evolved planet look like? Does it have homeless and hungry people everywhere while everyone else is either money hungry of financially starving ... etc?
No. This is not an advanced society and this is why we see much of the problems ... we are going but we still haven't made it until me make this collective conscious agreement and decision on a global scale... were are on one planet.

The question is ... can we do this ... no slave labour ... if medicinal vegetarian diets are the healthies and most resource efficient approch to. the free foods networks with the life ethics as the upmost consideration ... then those are the values that are upheld.
On our current timeline of this construct ... what do we have to look forward to? ... more constant market scares and fluxing insecurity ... more people fighting to save their own homes from preditory systems ... on and on ... we know what we get ... look around ... it doesn't take a genious to know that the future is fuc*ed for future generations in this ...

This is why I'm wondering if we all just agree , that we will begin to reform the systems and build a construct of a more optimal. And ideal paradise planet for your children and the future generations , not only ourselves as we try to find our way in the evolutionary adventure of life on earth.
If we're going to consider ouselves advanced , our systems need. To reflect this... we don't need more gas govys etc. ... this shows how spiritually advanced we are... something lost in the technological liberation fiasco and the industrial re-evolution... we totally and convieniently lost site of loving ethics as the societal foundatio
ns in the process and pursuit of personal gain; and such. Well lucky for us , it happens to be inharent in the construct of planet paradise that the collective loving foundations we need , are a part of this decision and commitment we as a global family could make to eachother.
... and then we begin advancing again as a collective planet going to a. better place that all this ages old turmoil.

So who thinks we on earth could make the shift to a paradise planet ?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 36977473
United States
02/04/2015 09:58 PM
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Re: If we all decided to choose to live on a paradise planet for all of humanity; Earth , could we make the shift ? ... could we do it?
I choose life
with all its potential for creative, win/win problem solving capabilities.