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A Childhood Bully Defends NBC's Brian Williams, or something

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United States
02/06/2015 02:13 PM
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A Childhood Bully Defends NBC's Brian Williams, or something
This is a slightly weird one: [link to www.nukingpolitics.com]

I get that it's obviously snarky, but... Oh I don't know. I like this bit though:

"The main difference, of course, is that I was a coward and kept quiet about what the hallways, walls, lights, and parking lot outside appeared to be doing, whereas Brian Williams manned up and TOLD his story. On live TV! Repeatedly!"

Also: "If you and your camera crew were passing over downtown Dallas, bookin' it high speed because as a journalist you're DEFINITELY over hostile territory (Texas, I mean, especially since Dallas itself is a left/right battleground), and your buddies, your forward guard, those soldiers who've earned and gained your respect, are shot down over Oklahoma City, that's essentially the same thing as being shot at yourself, right? Even if you land without incident?"