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One problem with this world is..

The Curious One
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02/09/2015 03:42 PM
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One problem with this world is..
The same people who worship God , ridicule him / her later on ... Too bad God is not within any of them ... They just think about him when their time is bad .. One advice to them.. You ? don't do it .. just be good no matter what ..

PS : I am a believer as well as a non believer because there is no solid proof shown to us but I don't hate gods !!! i just don't think about it at all .. but when I do , like now while typing ... I want proof to believe in a god , I haven't done many sins myself except fuck a woman or two , but come on they were ready too .. I am sure all of you are in the same boat as me .. and it's not about fucking , the world is already fucked .. it's about fucking who wants to be fucked and not raping .. or not fucking and just marrying .. but its not about fucking whores after marrying if your wife is good .. but many of you do .. i know .. what about you eh ?? why marry in the first place .. i know many of such are here as well ..

Some of you murder, rape & after that go to temples, mosques .. you are the ones who are spoiling .. the church & the temples & mosques might be spoilt as well ... but god is not spoiled .. and will not be ever .. !!

to all who are not going to worship gods , don't go, or do .. it's not about worshipping as well ... maybe even god hates worship .. and maybe he wants to help you but cannot so easily as the world is really fucked ..? but he / she might just be trying..

to all who do worship gods, continue doing so, or don't but don't waste your time just worshipping and waiting for luck .. as that won't happen .. DO GOOD AND GOD WILL SHOW YOURSELF TO YOU !!!!

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