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Preventing the Transformation of America into GAZA II

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 67905893
02/10/2015 01:06 PM
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Preventing the Transformation of America into GAZA II
Preventing the Transformation of America into GAZA II

Posted by Preston James, Ph.D on October 7, 2014

What can be done to thwart the Israeli Nuclear Blackmail that produced Homeland Security and other abominations after their 9/11/01 Nuclear Attack on America?

How can Israeli-American Dual Citizen Israeli-first Traitors be prevented from transforming America into the World’s largest Prison Camp, GAZA II?

What must Americans do to take back their country from these soulless, criminal psychopaths who serve Israel first and are hell-bent on destroying America after completely asset stripping it and then systematically mass-murdering all Americans, just as they are now doing in Palestine to the Palestinians?

Obviously the American Government should be protecting Americans and America from outside infiltration, especially Israeli penetration. The government has not. All the talking points and narratives during the last 20 years about attacking terrorism at its home base in the Mideast are lies and war propaganda. Their purpose? To manipulate “We the People” into supporting phony wars for Israel, for huge war profits, and for the capture of natural resources and oil.

The biggest Terrorists in the World are the Israeli Leaders and those WZs behind them, then America (which has been hijacked by Israel), and then England and Saudi Arabia. NATO’s job, rather than to keep us safe, has been to work hard covertly to start wars so that the Banksters and Defense Contractors can earn huge war profits fighting illegal, Unconstitutional wars of aggression and acquisition.

6corps-320x316The whole War on Terror Narrative is a Big USG Lie concocted and dispensed by the Controlled major mass media (CMMM) to allow the transformation of America into a Military Police State controlled by Israeli infiltrators through Homeland Security DHS and label you an Enemy of the State.

To protect We the People from outside infiltration and foreign espionage such as that done by Israel is the basic responsibility that the USG exists for and is mandated by the US Constitution and was truly the main reason for any federalization of the various States into one Confederation of United states in the first place.

Instead of the federal Government being used as it was designed by the Founding fathers and mandated in the US Constitution, it has been hijacked by World Zionist City of London Banksters (the Rothschilds) and their illegitimate stepchild Israel and has been turned against the American People as an “Enemy within the gates”.

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