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Message Subject Vaccines are Biological Weapons of Mass Disease Creation and Death.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I'm not a shill and the folks who go for this nonsense are nuts. If you want to end up having your children taking away like the delusional parents in this thread, well be my guest. CPS will help the police charge you for neglect and abuse.

Thread: Armed Thugs take 9 children from Oregon Family (Page 15)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 62875756

nonsense you say? Take a look at the following threads and then come back and explain exactly how it's nonsense:

Thread: "Herd Immunity" debunked

Thread: 17 Studies show that Vaccinated spread disease!
 Quoting: Silvanus

Good luck with that, CPS will have the police charge you neglect and abuse if you don't vaccinate your children
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 62875756

no, they won't. I don't live in the States. If they make vaccines mandatory, everyone will not bend over and take it. I know plenty of people personally who would answer a move like that with firearms. As much as 50% of the population doesn't vaccinate in some areas, the system in it's current state simply cannot cope with making vaccines mandatory, will never happen! If they try and push it the whole thing will backfire, which it already is. The cat's out of the bag! Too late, people are waking up in drove's and finding out what's really going on.
 Quoting: Silvanus

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