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What if? Iran and Russia vs The US

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02/22/2015 09:03 PM
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What if? Iran and Russia vs The US
I just had a random thought pop into my head after thinking through the thread titles. As of late the US has seemingly been trying to all of a sudden become (for lack of a better term) " Buddy Buddy " with IRAN. My entire life the US has supported Israel no questions asked...that is until now it seems. They have had the highest level meetings in decades with the Iranians lately and are edging closer and closer with nuclear talks. My thought is this: What if all of this is an attempt by the US to pull IRAN away from its Russian influence? It makes perfect sense with regard to the ongoing world situation. Iran is a strong ally of Russia and the US knows this. It is mostly Russia that stops anyone from seriously harming Iran it would seem. So what if all of this bs is the western attempt at turning the tables. What are your thoughts? Weigh in guys!!!
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