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Chile Volcano (Villarrica) Eruption Sends Lava Shooting Into the Sky


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United States
03/03/2015 05:31 AM

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Chile Volcano (Villarrica) Eruption Sends Lava Shooting Into the Sky
Chile's Villarrica volcano erupted overnight, sending lava shooting into the night sky.

The amazing display was visible from miles away.

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Source: [link to abcnews.go.com]


BREAKING: Volcano Erupts in Southern Chile

A volcano erupted in southern Chile early Tuesday morning, sending ash and lava high into the night sky.

The Vallarrica volcano is located in southern Chile near the town of Villarrica.

Lava activity on the volcano intensified around 3 a.m. local time which led to an explosion of lava from the volcano, according to 24 Horas, a Chilean news station.

24 Horas aslo noted that lightning accompanied the volcano during the violent eruption.

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Source: [link to www.accuweather.com]

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