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Subject in his defense , i think Darth Øbama makes life more beautiful , because at any moment , he could get us all killed
Poster Handle grimmlord
Post Content
he's an implacable enemy who never seems to tire
in making our lives rip ass hell .

in a weird way ,

Darth Øbama makes life more precious and beautiful :

because any slip or miscalculation on his part ,
and we are all deadmeat via nuclear exchange or
lab created infectious depopulation agent .

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

i realize that this is all quite counter-intuitive .

because Darth Øbama takes a mighty beating every day
on this forum .

but consider this , my friends :

we should revel in our time .

because we will never be here again .

and we will never be more beautiful than we are right now ...
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