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Terrorist ISIS has an entire infrastructure?

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03/03/2015 11:48 AM
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Terrorist ISIS has an entire infrastructure?
I'm really enthralled by what people believe. I get so much excitement from seeing the lies put out by the NY Times and other sources and imagining people believing them. Please tell me how anyone can read this article and believe everything in it.

"Firm and coordinated action is also required to deprive the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, the enormous sums of money it requires to sustain its reign of terror."

"It employs an estimated 30,000 fighters, including 19,000 from 90 foreign countries, who are reportedly paid $350 to $500 a month."

"The group has also sought to bolster its appeal by providing public services, including electricity, to the people under its control. That, too, costs money"

"ISIS sells refined products to local consumers and, using middlemen and smugglers, crude oil to customers in Iraq and Syria, including the Syrian regime. ISIS reportedly charges $20 to $35 per barrel, which the middlemen then sell for as much as $100 per barrel."

I mean seriously? This article goes on an on describing these government services and contracts that ISIS is supposedly providing better than 95% of the actual country governments out there. We are supposed to believe that this 'terrorist' group is not just beheading enemies in Hollywood productions, but also fixing the power grid for Iraqi customers as a public service? And in these days when oil is selling for well under $100 a barrel, who and where are these 'middle men' that are somehow fleecing others to get $100 a barrel?

I have rarely read an article so sadistically lying to the sheep with such glee. We are screwed as a race of humans.

[link to www.nytimes.com]