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Italian Court Rules MMR Vaccine Does Not Cause Autism.

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03/04/2015 03:42 PM
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Italian Court Rules MMR Vaccine Does Not Cause Autism.
I guess the Italian Courts got tired of being the punchline for jokes.
The Italian Court of Appeals in Bologna has overturned a lower court's decision that MMR caused autism. That lower court decision depended heavily on the fraudulent research of Mr. Andrew Wakefield.

Italy agrees – the MMR Vaccine does not cause autism
[link to autismjungle.wordpress.com (secure)]
"And now, justice has prevailed.
On the 13th February, a higher court overturned the verdict, ruling that it was completely wrong to rely on Wakefield’s “research”."

Italian MMR-Autism Decision Overturned
[link to www.skepticalraptor.com]
"This article reviews a recent ruling from an Italian Court of Appeals that overturns a widely ridiculed decision by a Provincial Court in 2012 that claimed that the MMR vaccine (for measles, mumps and rubella) causes autism. Apparently, that court rejected all other science, and only accepted the fraudulent work of Mr. Andy Wakefield to validate the claims about the vaccine and autism."

"The Court of Appeal accepted the appeal filed by the Ministry of Health (ministero della Sanità). The expert appointed by the court of appeal highlighted that there is no scientific evidence supporting a link between vaccines and autism. The expert highlighted that the lower court expert was wrong to rely on the study by Andrew Wakefield, a study debunked and rejected by the scientific community."

Google Translate of the Italian website:
[link to www.repubblica.it]
"Autism, the judges acquit the vaccine
Bologna, reversed on appeal the judgment of Rimini which had established a link between measles prophylaxis and illness of a child's expertise on which they are based demolishes the argument of those who had raised the alarm: "Studies irrelevant refuted by the scientific community"

"There is a no link between the trivalent vaccine and autism. There is no evidence to establish that the former causes the syndrome, there is only a temporal connection."

"The Court of Appeal of Bologna has overturned a controversial 2102 ruling of the Labour Court of Rimini..."

"The court appointed an expert witness, Dr. Lodi, who literally demolished the reasons for the employment tribunal. Meanwhile, reads the sentence, the doctor "reported so meticulous not relevant and non-relevance of the studies referred to in it." The consultant of the family presented the research of the English physician Wakefild, author of a controversial article in the Lancet on the links between vaccines and autism, which was later withdrawn. "There are studies irrelevant - wrote the expert - denied by the scientific community.""


It seems the Italian Court of Appeals isn't very impressed with Mr. Wakefield's fraudulent hoax being presented as "evidence".

Divertiti... Have fun.

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