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Message Subject The first rule in the book.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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What is the prize for winning?
What happened in Borneo mate? I don't watch the news anymore, assuming it was in the news.
 Quoting: TheBrainSupreme

This is the problem, that I have with people like you. It is not that hard, to look out of the window for a split second. Do you realize, that the big tree, you see, when you look out, is not the same like in 2009? What is different? Do you see it? You must realize, that Borneo was just the beginning and the coming plane crash as well. It's all part of the system. A system, that wants to demolish the way you eat your food or breathe your air. Yes, I said it. Your AIR. You must realize, that the pain you feel in your left leg, is the same that I had twenty minutes ago. It's the same. The plane is the same and the tree is the product of your arrogance. When you cut the tree he might get healty, but when you do nothing, he get's bigger and bigger and in the near future he will die. Nearly 200 people looking out of their windows and asking themselves, why they did nothing to stop this. Man, their were unable to do something against it, they are trapped inside. Instead of you, you are free, free like free and when you see me and the tree, you must realize, that Borneo was just the beginning. It doesent matter, that all lives were part of this game, because this is a fact you can not change. It is irrelevant, if the the tree is green, yellow, blue or black. It is a tree and the tree is part of you. Drink water to live. Drink water to give me more of your dreams. Borneo was just the beginning and the plane crash is not the end. It has not even started yet, it get's bigger and bigger, till we see the whole world in flames. Till we see hearts melt and car belts around our necks like scarfs. We need this progress to stop the nature of our mind, the pain is way to hard and the dude can not stop it. It's over and Borneo is just the beginning.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68578460

So what do you suggest I do?
 Quoting: TheBrainSupreme

Ask the right questions. Ask yourself, why people act so weird about this topic. You know nothing about them, like I do, but I ask the right questions. I see the coming plane crash as a fatal event, which will change my way of thinking about Borneo completley. You ask yourself, how I know that?! I asked the right questions. Like I said, it doesent matter, what colour the tree has, it is a tree, so don't think about the green, the pink or the blue. You must realize, that pain killers have no effect in this situation. You must look out of the window and must figure out, why the tree has changed. What is different? Was it the rain, the sun, the cars, the houses or was it you?! Ask the right questions. Borneo is just the beginning. See the whole car and not the whole car as a product of our rotten society. It is your job to clean it. You are responsible and you might feel the envy after, but this is important for you and me. You realize, that you are me and me are you, while me are me as well, but you are not you. Why? That's right, ask the right questions. You must realize, that they have enough planes, they don't care about a single one. They even don't care about the people inside, who are looking scared to death, because they know, that life is way to short to live it. Yeah, I said it and I would said it loud, when they wouldnt hear me. I'm scared too, because who knows, where the plane might go down? Am I in this plane? Maybe not in this moment, but tomorrow? Who cares about your business, when you are inside? Nobody, but at the end, they are all part of it. It's hard to live life like that, but we have to do it. We have this certain connection, that makes it possible. So, when we see the plane and think about Borneo in this moment, we will don't see just one plane, but multiple of them. Like 20 or 30, maybe even 40 to 50. The sky is full, while the brain is empty. Will we survive this? Like I said, ask the right questions. This is a stupid question. We will not survive this. Someday this will be over and we will see the plane crash and Borneo totally different from the others. Arrogance? Of course, but the path to the new view is filled with arrogant people, people who won't even look in your eyes, because they think that you are inferior. Are we victims? No, victims is too hard, but we are not part of the group. The group contains approx. 20 members. When you see this number, what do you think?! When you think about Borneo and the plane crash, then you already know what to do. You know it. When you want it, be proud about it. And I know, that you know it. You know it, man. Life is wonderful. This whole thing is scary, but it's part of life and life is wonderful. After we will be together. Goodbye my friend. I will see ou soon.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68578460

The fire will rage, you have been heard.

When the ashes settle, naught but the seed of what is to be will remain. Know that the new tree will be, all that was will be restored, the tree pruned, its wood used to fuel the reconstruction and establishment of the lords new house.

The day of the LORD comes closer, those you speak of will be chained with the other 9 billion into servitude.

The Nobody comes, and NEO is nearly complete.

The star in the moon will be freed, and both set to C.
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