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Message Subject The first rule in the book.
Poster Handle TheBrainSupreme
Post Content
Whoa. That guy earlier was playing some serious mindfuck cards. Looks like you got someone's attention Chris.
 Quoting: Caylus Ark

Nah just another angry bully doing what they do. Dominating and feeling good about it.

And look, more threads popped up, just as you had said in that thread lol
So maybe if the mods deleted it when I asked it would have avoided that barrage of mind fuck insults towards paying members.

Anyway life goes on.
 Quoting: TheBrainSupreme

Yes, well what would happen to ecosystem here if you removed an egregore? That includes everyone, it's an integral part of GLP, some people play crusader, some play messiah, some play teacher, some play save the poor helpless lunatics, that's the thing see, everyone has their own game, the social stroke they get for participating. And everyone is typically so happy to point out the manipulations of others while conveniently passing over the philosophical question of Why do we play these games? We get something out of it - it's part of the ecosystem.
 Quoting: Caylus Ark

Well I come to GLP because I have little to no interaction with people in my local reality other than work.
I couldn't even talk about philosophies and ideas because face to face, people get angry when they cant control my thoughts. It happens every time I have tried to learn new things or to be more specific, put people in a position that requires actual thinking.

So my choices among my friends are this. Play their game and play very dumb, or upset them when I question irrational behaviours. Such as when my friends start talking about each other behind their backs to me then the next time act like bum chums together.
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