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Pedophilia in Britain ‘woven into the fabric of society’ –

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 66427013
03/16/2015 05:14 PM
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Pedophilia in Britain ‘woven into the fabric of society’ –
As the UK has launched a new-judge led inquiry panel to investigate a pedophile ring operated in 1980s, the Home Secretary warns the allegations are just a “tip of an iceberg” and the problem is “woven, covertly, into the fabric of our society.”

Following a spate of allegations concerning the abuse of children by adults, many of who abused their positions of power and status, Home Secretary Theresa May said Britons still do not appreciate the “true scale of that abuse.”

Writing in the Telegraph, May warned that the investigation into predators of children will “lead into our schools and hospitals, our churches, our youth clubs and many other institutions that should have been places of safety…”

Following Thursday’s announcement of a four-person panel to investigate the criminal activities against minors, May said Justice Lowell Goddard would be empowered to “compel witnesses and the removal of any cut-off date from the Terms of Reference” allowing Goddard to track the evidence “wherever it takes her.”

The original inquiry, which was delayed after two chairs were forced to stand down, was set up to investigate allegations of a pedophile sex ring made by the now deceased Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens, operating in Westminster during the 1980s.

May said she had personally met with young survivors and understood that their lives would be so much harder due to the “pain and distrust that had become a part of them.”

May wrote: “In my discussions with older victims and survivors and their representatives, I began to realize how abuse is woven, covertly, into the fabric of our society.”

She then relayed a meeting she had with one of the victims of past abuse, who told her: “Get this inquiry right and it will be like a stick of Blackpool rock. You will see abuse going through every level of society.”

“I fear she is right. I have said before and I shall say again, that what we have seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg,” May said.

Aside from public institutions, the probe may also lead to the highest levels of British society.

Following allegations that British celebrity and former BBC presenter Jimmy Savile had violated hundreds of children and adults over the span of his lengthy career ("Giving Victims a Voice" organization reported that over 400 people had filed complaints against Savile), allegations of a Westminster pedophile ring possibly involving many well-known MPs have surfaced.

In July 2014 Peter Mckelvie, a whistleblower who kicked off UK police pedophile probe Operation Fernbridge, disclosed a list compiled by police of current and former politicians suspected of participating in the child sex abuse.

He revealed that as many as 40 British MPs and peers either knew about or took part in the Westminster “pedophile ring.”


[link to rt.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 67789990
United States
03/16/2015 05:19 PM
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Re: Pedophilia in Britain ‘woven into the fabric of society’ –
I heard an old British preacher named Derek Prince, who came from the upper echelons of society, say that the history of Britain was a long dark line of incestuous and perverted darkness, especially in the boarding schools that so many of the elite went to.

ugh. Sickening, and the victims become the victimizers.

User ID: 28167778
United States
03/16/2015 05:25 PM

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Re: Pedophilia in Britain ‘woven into the fabric of society’ –
keep trying.

I see no reason to believe Britain is any worse than any other place, and a lot better than any Arabic country.
You don't have to be an American to treasure freedom, but it sure does help !