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Message Subject "We dance with the skulls in the church" MODERATED. UPDATED WITH CURRENT PAEDOPHILE ISSUES//LINKS P206.
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Government disinformation teams and persona management software are working this thread hard. Any child psychologist, social worker, or mental health professional can ascertain that those kids are describing events the best they can. It sounds like an employee in social serves or the police there took the evidence and leaked it, and potentially has more evidence and is looking for ways to put it out on the web, or news. They probably realize the effect of the cult’s planted gatekeepers, now called alternative media. Notice David dIcke does NOT have a link to the story after that radio show where his employee said there would be. [link to www.youtube.com (secure)] From the sound of the interviews with the Sabiene lady, the gate keepers are fishing for how much information there is, so they do not know what is going on here. Especially how a CME and police interviews went out the door.

As far as McMartin, Finders, Gosch, and Boystown -- this is not then. Those cases, like recent ones are showing a distinct pattern of behavior that can be placed on a longitudinal line for empirical observation, and comparison. All criminals believe they will get away with crimes because they have in the past. The one that betrays them is often the very one they worship, if not outright self-sabotage, since they are all basically possessed, or clinically insane under a form of group psychosis.

And those drawings the kids did. How gross! A milf with sweat bumps around her breast pissing in a bucket and making the kids lick her nasty twat? Shills, zombies, peds, gheys, beards, and Satanists seem to be spreading like a contagion. [link to www.hotelneptune.co.uk]
Oh, and another thing, people can look into inside the UK. The video of the girl being interviewed by what seems like a cop, whereby the tape somehow left the agency files and system -- well, the cop should not be interviewing the child alone. A CPS investigator is supposed to accompany the police in these interviews, if not, the family court system is not involved but a criminal court. The only way that footage left the station was by another cop, or social worker receiving the footage from the police. So either a social worker or cop took this info and is leaking it onto the web, via that lady on the run, or someone with access to police files and their computer system. even then, all ID's have little scanning chips in them to access buildings and rooms, so they know how the footage left the building.

The police, in the interview i saw, would be destroyed in a US family court by social workers. he was subtly leading the child to pull back her disclosure. for instance, the age she was when she was describing domestic violence in the home. she said she was 3. police confronted here about remembering stuff at three. Well, when a child is dumping out of fear like that, they are seeking help. Usually smart ones do that. Their numbers can be off with dates and ages. A trained social worker would have asked other things about people, descriptions, in order to match the time frame and jog her memory naturally. the cops was being accusatory to a child disclosing abuse. This is a no no. Social workers would have stayed with her for hours if she was disclosing abuse, whereby the cop was hurrying the child and being dismissive.

As far as identifying body marks described. In abuse cases a child goes for a child medical exam (CME), which the cop described on tape. But that is always handled by a social worker, with contracted children’s hospitals. The worker sits in a hidden room as the medical team questions the child, and is recording the conversations, the medical team alos use a psychologist to have the child do drawings, and then a medical exam done to look for scars, tears, and such. All of this is recorded. If children identify perps with marks, the workers order the cops to bring in the alleged perps so the medical team can see if the identifying marks are there. This is how a case is built. It would not surprise me if the children tested positive for std's, like McMartin. in cps cases, children having std's is rare, but if that is there child courts put people under the jail. In McMartin case, it was clear there was a cover up. The personas, lie the snake one exhibit quintessential pedophilia masking, as it blames the children, using the word liars to describe abused children. This is one of many personality traits I have seen here that suggests the operators here are part of the wider cult. The pedophiles are utilizing their control over the internet in much the same way they use their control over police and social services, in order to seek out child victims, as suggested here…

Google, Viacom win dismissal of children's web privacy lawsuit
The lawsuit claimed that Viacom secretly kept track of children under the age of 13 who streamed videos and played video games on its Nick.com website, and shared what it learned with Google.
[link to www.bloomberg.com]

After further review of the tapes, it sounds like there are around 30 separate children reporting this same cult and school, with multiple reports -- as the 2 children seen were questioned as mere collaterals, or witnesses to the other children reports. What about the other children that did make reports and named cops!?

So those local news clips are not being honest as there are currently several child abuse reports about the same venues, such as the school and others the 2 children named. That suggests a cover up. Say this happened in a town in rural Alabama, whereby 30 kids reported sexual abuse by one school, think the local news would be talking like that? That information is a matter of public record, and how news teams arrive to locations of crime for their stories.
The rules in the US are if a cop or social worker in that county is named in a report, then it is called a conflict of interest case, whereby the state relegates another county to do the investigation. Sounds like the UK cps is not governed as well as the US, which is not a good thing. They audit files in the US for this type of stuff, a cop named or in the same office as cops in a child sexual abuse report cannot question the children involved, it is a conflict of interest.

It sounds like the retraction videos were manufactured by the police station named by children in reports, so those tapes are not permitted in a court case. This is just terrible. This is blatant disregard of public safety and a dereliction of duty.

From that police tape, the cop interviewing would be fired in the US because cops, social workers, teachers, medical etc., are all mandated reporters. The child disclosed and the cop did not report the abuse. His agency, which was allegedly named by other children in previous reports, used a law meant to stop abuse before it happens, based on this sort of information. To pull children in that others had named and interrogate them on what they knew, and then have them make retraction videos in that very agency is highly inappropriate, and unethical, and is grounds for dismissal – maybe even prosecution if their actions caused further harm to the children.
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68277347
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