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Message Subject "We dance with the skulls in the church" MODERATED. UPDATED WITH CURRENT PAEDOPHILE ISSUES//LINKS P188.
Poster Handle redhouserebel
Post Content
Two children, gave testimony on tape both to police and outside the police station speaking about abuse in their school involving teachers, police, social workers and other members of their community.

The police did not investigate and the children were given into protection of social services - after this they retracted their testimony.

The children from that school will grow up to become members of their community: teachers, police, nurses, social workers etc and this will perpetuate as it has done for generations if more people do not speak up and challenge this.

In these cases we often hear of people higher up blocking action from being taken - these people in higher positions have not always been recruited in the same fashion: a lot of recruitment at higher levels happens in Universities where people are recruited into the Intelligence departments of our communities which often oversee other aspects.

They become subject to the Official Secret's Act and are often tempted into shady activities which... then provide for their own personal forms of slavery to the cause.

The cause is crime - and our whole economy is affected by the machinery of this global elite mafioso-style family cult: they literally own ALL the crime; our whole world would be so different... if this could end.

Having said that: it is clear that there are sufficiently ignorant or immoral people to keep this operation running; but surely they can see - the whole thing is tied from the head through the branches to the roots - and this is ready to be ripped out once and for all.

I strongly urge anyone with any evidence to come forward - to proffer their intel or info as publicly as possible and to make it clear what sort of future is desired by the majority of right-minded people on this planet.

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