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Message Subject "We dance with the skulls in the church" MODERATED. UPDATED WITH CURRENT PAEDOPHILE ISSUES//LINKS P207.
Poster Handle MsMc
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[link to tapnewswire.com]

Mon 10:29 am UTC, 16 Mar 2015 3

Dear Home Secretary


You may recall that I wrote to you twice before regarding the petition to Return the ‘Whistleblower Kids’, the 8-year old son and 9-year-old daughter of a Russian mother and UK father.

Since 11 September, they have been held in ‘care’ by LB Barnet despite a growing body of evidence against alleged abusers in public places such as schools in Hampstead and Highgate, small shops, big businesses and even CAFCASS.

All in all, the case concerns some 20 children who have been raped and tortured by some 60 – 70 adults – and an unknown number of babies has been killed. The list of charges ranges from sexual activity with a child family member to rape, assault by penetration, murder, perverting the course of justice, blackmail, witness intimidation and cannibalism, besides the commercial exploitation of child sexual abuse.

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